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Wood Dragon ~ January Candle Club ~ Flavia Cardoso 🐉

Wood Dragon ~ January Candle Club ~ Flavia Cardoso 🐉
Wood Dragon
She has a heart of a dragon,
And eyes like the moon. 
She’s a mermaid at sunrise, 
And a wolf by noon. 
The universe is her lover, 
And chaos her tune.   
 ~ L.L. llmusings
2024 is the year of the Wood Dragon.
Represented by the mythical — and the most powerful — creature of the 12-animal Chinese zodiac, the Year of the Dragon is considered special. The Dragon is a symbol of power and a conduit of mysticism across many cultures. 
In central Mexican traditions, Quetzalcoatl (feathered serpent) is a creature that symbolizes spiritual enlightenment. This dragon like guide encourages us to be very aware in our power and decisions that are connected to our earth energy and the divine. 
Wood is the most human of the elements. It is the element of spring; the creative urge to achieve. It is associated with making decisions and expansion. 
My featured artist this month is Flavia Cardoso. Born in Brazil in a Dragon year, Flavia is an artist, stylist and creator inspired by nature and the unseen. Check out her metalwork creations at
This months Wood Dragon candle blends deep resins, wet and burning woods, and sweet top notes of tropical flowers to aid you in manifestations of good will, power & success. 
2024 is also an eternity year with the digits totalling 8, we share Wood Dragon with you in hopes we can all harness our ancestral powers to do good for others, ourselves, and our world this year.  
  Fragrance notes
 ~ Jasmine & Neroli for Good Fortune ~
~ Myrrh & Vetiver for Power & Success ~
~ Cedar & Hinoki for Prosperity ~