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FAWN ~ December Candle Club ~ Carolin Wood 🦌

Fawn Candle
A deer doesn’t really have the defenses of so many other wild animals. Not the claws of the bear or the venom of the snake. The deers super power is its keen sense of observation. A deer is light on its feet, and hears and senses the tiniest things. A deer is vulnerable but moves through the world safely by staying connected to its surroundings yet adaptable. 
Can we be gentle and child-like as the deer? Remaining heart centered and racing towards peace and simple pleasures?
Our candle is scented with pine boughs and wood to symbolize our connection to nature this season. I added orange to bring us the bright lights that stay glowing through the cold, the stars, the sun, the deer in the forest, and our own inner light. 
Our artist this month is my neighbor and friend Carolin Wood. She lives in Rockaway Queens, New York. She is a Parks gardener, single mother of two, and an artist. She draws, paints, writes, and collages in her sketchbooks whenever there is a break or free time. Her work is witty, colorful, and full of magic just like her! 
You can check out more of her incredible work here:
There is a mysticism around the deer spirit and how it loses its antlers and regenerates new ones. We can take a lesson from the deer here in humbling and reinventing ourselves. Finding our right sized place in the cycles of the year. Let Fawn be a friend to light your way through December.