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Spell Perfume Gift Set

$ 116.00
Mix and match your moods with our botanical spell perfume gift set! 
Includes all 4 Goldies Spell Perfumes in a hand dyed and printed reusable canvas pouch at a great discount! 
Venus Perfume Oil is a blend of beach days and incense. A sun kiss, a dream weaver. .33ml glass roll on 
Worship Perfume Oil our is earthy and vibrant, blending sacred resin and plant aromas for a grounding spell.  Deep incense and bright camphorous woods and herbs cast an intoxicating earth driven aroma wherever worn. .33ml glass roll on 
Deep Forest Perfume Oil mixes aromas of dark green woods and wild medicine, spring flowers, sweetgrass and ripe citrus fruit. .33ml glass roll on 
Cleopatra Perfume Oil blends a deep sultry combo of sandalwood and patchouli with warm winter spices and light, bright, citrus notes. .33ml glass roll on 
Goldies Pouch Our hand dyed, made in the USA, muslin pouch is durable and just the right size to fit all your Goldies toiletries with some room for your toothbrush, razor, and perfume. 
Colors vary. 
Printed and dyed in Brooklyn at Kingsland Printing