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Sundance ~ June Candle Club ~ Valentina Gallup Salerni

Sundance ~ June Candle Club ~ Valentina Gallup Salerni
Our June Candle is a collaboration with my dear friend Valentina. We created a sunny and bright candle for June, bringing images and scents of harmony and the duality of light and dark represented by Gemini ; the twins!
Before the hands of time and before land was laid, there was light. Pure energetic light imploding into itself while traveling to visit all in its reach. This light is our origin and our destination. It’s the derivative of the sacred law of duality, for light only exists within the darkness of where it’s found.
June is our month to have the most light. A great time to connect to the Sun and a time to soak in all the knowledge within their rays. However beautiful the sun’s light might be, as it approaches the equinox it moves through the zodiac of Gemini; an explicit reminder of the duality of our realm. The cosmic twins, who represent the uniting force that binds oppositions, dance not only through the sun’s longest day in June, but also through its shortest night.
Valentina Gallup Salerni is a New York City native currently living in Rockaway Beach, Queens with her partner and two small children. She is my neighbor, my friend, and someone who makes art wherever she goes. See more of Valentina's work at Valentinagallup.comΒ Β 
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