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Night Flight - October Candle Club - Limited Edition

$ 40.00

She’s Back 💫

 This month we have created a protection spell for travelers, with aromas that grant a wish of safe passage to all. The sweet wind of jasmine flowers and dream inducing mugwort mingle the warm spices of cinnamon and clove to guide the senses wherever you may roam.

There is a heaviness with the turning of the seasons, but I dare you to be light of foot as the days grow shorter. Let each new turn ahead inspire you to be gracious for simple gifts like taking one foot in front of the other.  A road less traveled can be the greatest teacher as we see the world through other’s eyes and the light from a different perspective. Listen, look and leap. Boldly go. Let your heart be your guide. 

Featured Artist: Hillary Fisher White ~

Fragrance: Smokey ~ Citrus ~  Spice ~ Green ~ Night Flowers

Application: Light in your altar to send blessings of safe travel. Burn for a beautiful aroma. Keep away from children and things that catch fire

11oz glass tumbler 

Ingredients: coconut apricot wax blend, essential oils of jasmine, mugwort, grapefruit, cinnamon, clove and vetiver

*Paraben free, colorant free, phthalate free, sulfate free


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