Beach Kit

$ 65.00

Goldie's Beach Kit is everything you need for skin and hair care by the sea. Equipped for bronzing and softening the skin, naturally lightening and protecting beach hair, and soothing your skin during and after a sun day. Packed in a hand dyed and printed reusable muslin pouch. 

Kit contains:

Sunflower Tan Oil

Goldie's Sun Flower Tan Oil is a lightweight, moisturizing tan enhancer. Sunflower seed oil, rich in vitamin E, is crucial to the prevention of damage to skin cells by ultraviolet rays from the sun. Avocado and sesame oils moisturize and soften, smoothing the appearance of wrinkles and improving the health of your skin. We fortify our tan oil with aloe vera to soothe and carrot seed oil to optimize your golden glow.

Perks:  Carrot seed oil ~ Incredible scent ~ Skin softening ~ Unisex

Application:  Use as moisturizer or to add glisten to hair. Spritz on body and rub in during sunshine. 

Fragrance:  Musk ~ Coconut 

Beach Bleach Hair Lightener

Goldie's beach bleach lightening spray combines a dynamic arrangement of essential oils and extracts to help lighten, protect, and nourish your hair in the sun. Chamomile brightens your hair and delivers powerful antioxidants. Essential oil of cinnamon has wonderful brightening qualities while encouraging healthy growth at the root. Vodka and lemon cleanse and help the sun to bring out your natural highlights, while horsetail and rosemary extracts smooth, soothe and repair brittle or damaged hair.

Perks: No harsh chemicals ~ Peroxide free ~ Highlights ~ Unisex ~ Smells Amazing ~ Sun Protection

Application: Spritz all over hair when it's catching sunshine or anytime. Use as often as desired. 

Fragrance: Citrus ~ Musk ~ Bright

After Sun Spray 

Goldie’s After Sun Spray is a cooling, toning combination of botanicals chosen to restore and soothe sun drenched skin anyplace anytime. With age defying Bilberry and Sugar Cane extracts a spritz restores and soothes your skin with a boost of refreshing citrus extracts and essential oils chosen to counteract damage from daily elements. 

Perks: Soothe sun damage ~ Cooling ~ Hydrated skin ~ Microbiome Friendly ~ Makeup setting spray ~ Everyday use ~ Facial toner. 

Application: Spritz liberally on face and body before, during and after sun exposure. Apply as a toner before moisturizing or to set makeup after application. 

Fragrance: Citrus ~ Helichrysum ~ Fresh ~ Uplifting

Goldies Pouch 


Buy as a kit and save! 

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