Worship Lotion

$ 40.00

Worship Lotion is an all day and all night moisturizer designed for self-love. This rich botanical cream contains a blend of radiant plant aromas intended to
evoke desires while connecting you to the earth. Sweet and sacred sandalwood can ease tension and promote relaxation. Rose, the symbol of Venus, has a romantic essence that can encourage self esteem and enhance feelings of compassion and gratitude. Cardamom works to relieve mental fatigue and acts as a toner for a natural radiant complexion.

Ingredients: Aloe leaf juice, distillates of lavender, roman
chamomile, and rose, coconut oil, glycerin, emulsifying wax,
stearic acid, sweet almond oil, witch hazel, extracts of green tea,
nettle leaf, chickweed, slippery elm, milk thistle, marshmallow
root, oatstraw, and blue green algae, vitamin e, phenoxyethanol,
xantham gum, hemp seed oil, extracts of white willow bark,
rosemary leaf, neem seed and alcohol, Tetrasodium EDTA, and
essential oils of bulgarian rose, cardamom, and sandalwood

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