Windows & Doors - December Candle Club - Limited Edition

$ 40.00

~Windows & Doors~

Scent: evergreen, citrus, cut wood, spice


 Featured Artist: Hannah Trogdon

Application: Light in peace with changes for the coming year. Burn for a beautiful aroma. Keep away from children and things that catch fire

11oz glass tumbler 

Ingredients: coconut apricot wax blend, essential oils of Palo Santo, Fir Needle, Grapefruit, Cardamom

*Paraben free, colorant free, phthalate free, sulfate free

 The end month also being the beginning of the new year = concept of the ouroboros. The symbol is a nonliteral representation of the ouroboros, and the sometimes circuitous path it takes to get to the end, and thus, to the beginning. The Ouroboros is often depicted as a single simple circle, the snake circles to meet its end - but life doesn't always go so cleanly from start to finish; there are often switchbacks, side angles, and unforeseen circumstances that may elongate or hasten the termination of any one thing and the inevitable beginning of the next. Yet the simple beauty of this process is that it is indeed inevitable, there is often nothing you can do to prevent the end of something and the beginning of the next  - doors closing and windows opening all the way down.

The death of one is simply the birth of the next, and vice versa.
The fresh and tranquil qualities of the forest, in particular, the refreshing and seasonal qualities of the scent of fir, remind me that it is indeed the end of the year, another solstice has arrived, and with it a reflection of every moment that has come before. Hand-in-hand with this reflection of the past is the excitement of what we are on the precipice of - and a reminder that at any given moment of our lives, no matter the rut, we may rest assured that we are on the verge of what comes next, something big, something new.
Relish in having arrived where you are now, and relax in the concept that all of the work that comes next is fresh and unstoppable, and at some point, it too will be complete. 


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