Strictly Business Bundle

$ 70.00 $ 120.00

2020 has brought us a whole new set of rules! Stay safe and affluent this holiday season with these well-beloved goodies...

Business Success Candle - A spell to burn at your workplace or altar to increase bounty in business adventures!

Goldie's Hand Sanitizer is scented with Tea Tree & Orange essential oils and enhanced with plant extracts and aloe to soothe and sanitize skin when water and soap are unavailable. Active ingredient: 70% isopropyl alcohol

Clementine Hand Soap - Goldie's liquid soaps are made of a saponified coconut oil base, olive oil, and aloe that leaves skin silky while cleansing thoroughly. The light and bright scent of clementine essential oil makes this one of our most popular products

Buna Botanicals Fire Cider Tonic is a beautiful take on classic immune enhancer. Enjoy as-is, by the spoonful, or in a small shot glass for an invigorating wellness boost.

Come's with a Goldie's tote bag, hand printed by Kingsland Printing

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