Mood Mist No. 9

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For adjusting the tone of your skin or the room you're in. Use it for facial refresher, room spray, meditation aid and aromatherapy. No.9 is a floral, warm, exotic blend of honeyed top notes and tealike undertones. Helichrysm essential oil is detoxifying, cleansing, calming and healing. Helichrysm invokes insightful meditation, regulating the flow of energy, releasing inhibitions and liberating imagination. It is depression-lifting and grounding. Delicate palmarosa has excellent skincare properties. Sebum-balancing and hydrating, it is excellent for all skin types especially dry, damaged, and mature skin. Jasmine is one of the world's most powerful aphrodisiacs. It is known to inspire euphoria, helping restore confidence and optimism.

organic aloe, organic witch hazel, phenoxyethanol, organic black willow bark extract, helichrysm essential oil, tea tree essential oil, palmarosa essential oil, jasmine oil, jojoba oil, polysorbate 20, EDTA, citric acid

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