Goldie's Sleep Mist

$ 40.00

Designed in collaboration with our long time amenities partner, The Wythe Hotel,
Goldie's Sleep Mist is a luxurious herbal body and bedroom spray made to promote a peaceful environment for relaxation.

Like our popular Mood Mists,
Goldie's Sleep Mist is a multi purpose toner as well as a fragrance, linen and room spray. 
A unique blend of essential oils promotes calm, ease, and relaxation. 
An organic base of aloe, witch hazel, black willow bark extract, and jojoba oil
refines, tones and refreshes skin.

Active Ingredients: aloe, witch hazel, black willow bark extract, jojoba oil, essential oils of ho wood, frankincense, palo santo, sandalwood and lavender. 


3.4 fl. oz

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