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February Candle Club ~ 🖤 Shower Thoughts ~ Limited Edition

$ 40.00

Our dearest Liz decided she wanted to make art for our February candle club. She and I were discussing how Valentines day feels as much if not more these days - about the folks who aren’t in the kind of conventional committed relationship that this Hallmark holiday was built around, and that our spell should be about self- love, thus “Shower Thoughts” was born. 

We present “Shower Thoughts” as a gift of love to you. 

Fragrance notes 

~ Mugwort for dreaming ~

~ Lavender for calming ~

~ Patchouli for releasing negative emotions ~

~ Vanilla as an aphrodisiac ~

Featured artist ~ Elizabeth Sacks 💓 @elizabeth_sacks

Application: light in your altar to enhance dreaming and self love

11oz Reusable Glass Tumbler

Burn time: 50 hours ~ Plant based Aromatherapy

Ingredients: Coconut apricot wax and essential oils