September Candle - Cleopatra

$ 40.00

Artwork by Michelle Novaluna 

“September, a month in which we are paused in admiration of the undeniable and universal changes that we all go through.
What do we truly have in common?
What systems process the same for everyone?
Allow the end of the summer season to stoke the fires of feeling united. Let it serve as a method to connect to the realities we all share.
Let the seasons be our vessel for commonality;
They are what make us humans.”
- Wise words from an old friend of Goldie’s

The ancient Egyptians believed that language and writing stoked magical powers. Seeking communion with the gods, they would repetitively recite and record desires and intentions, to turn their dreams into reality.
This month’s candle is an empowerment spell, an ode to Cleopatra. Deep with sacred sandalwood and rich with citrus spice;
light this candle to harness creative desires and to bring dreams into harmonious action with the world.
Let us be impeccable with our words, our art and our messaging.

As we move into a pivotal new season, use repetition to establish an illuminating practice of your own; be it poety, music, or summoning the god of the dead.
Know that you are beautiful and capable.
With radical strength, honesty and love -
grant yourself the energy to bring change to your life and our world.
This candle will be available until October 15th

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