Troll Mountain - January Candle

$ 40.00

             Troll Mountain was  inspired by a Swedish Folk Tale called “The Queens Pearl Necklace” by Anna Walenburg.
The story is about a young girl who sells her tears to a troll who gives the girl a necklace to  enchant all who hear her laugh. The cost is that the girl can only laugh when she feels sorrow. When her young son is born, and becomes very sick, she can only laugh and is banished from her kingdom for her mistaken cruelty. Going to see her son one last time, by sneaking into the town, her husband sees her painful laughter and realizes the mistake he has made. The girl realizes that tears are needed to grieve, and the pearl necklace breaks, and with it the spell. The falling pearls turn to tears and they heal her son.  
"I went on a hike a few weeks ago and thought it was so pretty. I knew i was doing the candle club but didn’t know what the label would be. I decided that the candle would be partially inspired by 'that there mountain' and also by the story above. I love January because you can watch your favorite movies and play in the snow (I also really like hot cocoa). I really like dragons and fairies :) "
Drawing and background photography by Georgia Ann Parachini. This 11oz candle is made from coconut and apricot wax and scented with lavender and vanilla essential oils. 

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