Aphrodite Gift Set

$ 98.00

Never had there been such sensual beauty and impeccable taste, born of the sea foam created by the mutilation of Uranus by his son Kronos adorned in birth with pearls scallop shells and clams. A new era of love had been introduced! Henceforth there would be candlelit dinners, heart-rending arias in operas, high-heeled shoes and bright red lipstick (not to mention soap operas). Romance was here and planning to stay. A goddess so beautiful and divine, flowers sprang upon her every footstep.

Aphrodite was seen as a Goddess who had but one purpose and her purpose was to make love. Her purpose was also her gift and was so special that no one seemed to resent it. While many other gods and goddesses were busy with their numerous divine duties, the goddess Aphrodite’s only duty was to bring love into the world!


Your Valentine's Kit includes:

Meditate massage oil   http://goldiessoap.com/products/meditate-massage-oil

basil lip tint    http://goldiessoap.com/products/basil-lip-tint

pink lady bar soap   http://goldiessoap.com/products/pink-lady-nourishing-soap

mood mist NO.9     http://goldiessoap.com/products/mood-mist-nine

With limited time extras:

General Love Perfume ... rosemary essential oil,  rosewood essential oil, sandalwood essential oil,  Use to anoint candles when doing love spells, burn in diffuser, or wear for love abounding in all aspects of life. 

Astral Travel Candle....a handmade candle with love and intention with essential oils of Sandalwood,  Ylang-ylang, and Cinnamon, tinted with alkanet root.  Burn this candle when you want to practice astral travel.

Facial Powder Sheets...oil absorbing blotting sheets with rice powder

Chopsticks with a satin sleeve (colors vary)

Silk Fan (colors vary) 

A love note envelope featuring luscious gold fruit

A hand dyed Cook & Gates pouch compliments of Goldie's <3

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