Bo Peep May Candle Club - Locus of Occult Collab

$ 85.00

So excited its May!

Buy this months candle club a la carte, OR

in a bundle with the art inspiration tee (also available for sale at the website of) Locus of Occult!! Tee Cut & sewn in LA, printed in NYC. 

Bo Peep, a cherubic little vixen, here to usher in more light at night and the warm scent of flowers hitting the breeze. Welcome Beltane, or May Day, an annual day to honor fertility, abundance, sex and the growth of everything beautiful on Earth. It marks the halfway point between spring and summer solstice.
Dripping with eclipses and emerald magic, this May is a month to release control and have fun with what flows downstream. I’ve been pulling a lot of weeds and making room for what else might grow. Collaborate with friends, but with the elements too. Play with the sun and the shadow. Take a nap with the grass.
When I saw this artwork I knew it would go great with my scents for May Candle Club.

Texas Cedarwood for calm determination.
Honeysuckle for joy.
Cannabis for invigoration and connection to earth and friends.
Coriander for fanning your inner fire.
“Honored be the sacred flames, power still when ash remains.”
About this month's artist
Locus of Occult
is artist-run brand based in Rockaway Beach, NY.
Locus of Occult refers to the third eye, i.e., the center of activity and concentration of creative power and wisdom; it’s for this reason we adopted the name.

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