Restorative Bath Kit

$ 36.00 $ 48.00

For sore muscles and in aiding proper blood flow and circulation this Goldie's bath/ massage duo is  relaxing for your mood, stimulating for your body, and beautifying for your skin. Exfoliate in big soft circles all over your body always moving from the tips of your appendages towards your heart. Don't forget your feet and shoulders, face too. If you have a helper I recommend using them for your restorative massage but you can do a great job on your own. Goldie's restore massage oil is of course very safe for your face and you will find yourself deeply moisturized when  your done. 

Restore Massage Oil blends a triage of essential oils to warm the body and mind, increase circulation and relieve inflammation. Black pepper oil aids in the treatment of pain relief and chills, exhaustion, and muscular aches dissipating emotional coldness. Warm spicy sweet orange oil boosts the lymphatic and immune systems by helping eliminate toxins while easing tension and stress. Earthy fennel oil is vitalizing and stimulates the circulatory, respiratory, and digestive systems.

Winter Sun Scrub bring ancient Japanese beauty secrets to your weekly cleansing ritual. Walnut shell powder gives a deep exfoliation, with the moisturizing lather of coconut soap and astringent toning of basil and anise essential oils. Use once or twice a week on the face and all over the body for softening.

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