Mon’ Amie - March Candle Club - Limited Edition

$ 40.00

~ Mon’ Amie ~

Scent: honeysuckle ~ fresh ~ green


 A spell for friendship in collaboration with Forest Farm, Wake Forest, NC


Application: Light for meditation on new growth, harmony and support.
 Burn for a beautiful aroma. Keep away from children and things that catch fire



Mon’ Ami

 we are symbiotic,

 without words we communicate. 

 We move onto the new season

 effortlessly in sync.

The bumblebee appears first, scouting new growth.

There she is! Young crocus has opened itself to the new year.

Here we are!” chime the Lenten rose, come by for a visit and a bit of early pollen.

Forsythia and daffodil wear their golden bells

Candlesticks of new growth are everywhere!

~ Patti 


In light of the Spring Equinox, which brings a surge of  new growth and opportunities, I’ve collaborated with my Mom, Patti Bigsby, an herb, flower and vegetable farmer and a lover of all things green. Mom suggested the symbolism of spring pollinator plants and beneficial insects, bringing awareness to their vital role in our ecosystem. 

Birds, bats, bees, butterflies, and beetles, are friends that pollinate our green allies and are responsible for harmoniously bringing us thousands of crops grown around the world that produce our food and medicine. 

With sweet and green scents of mint, rosemary, ginger and honeysuckle, let this candle bring us all together to remind us of the harmonies that still exist naturally in our environment and what we cannot do alone, perhaps we can do together. 


Ingredients: coconut apricot wax blend, essential oils of rosemary, mint, ginger, cajeput, honeysuckle fragrance.

*Paraben free, colorant free, phthalate free, sulfate free

11 oz glass tumbler



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