Radiant Facial Kit

$ 55.00

A special facial kit in a forest green hand screen printed pouch that includes our petitgrain milk and clary sage cleansing grains to be used in combo for a beautifying polish day and night. 

Petitgrain Facial Milk Cleanser feeds and soothes your skin, providing just the right amount of moisture. Petitgrain eases stress and calms tension while absolving oils and toning your skin. Green tea reduces inflammation and redness, rejuvenating skin cells and reactivating them to renew their life cycle. Sugar cane naturally provides skin with alpha hydroxy acids to fight blemishes and smooth age lines, with the complimentary and light scents of basil and orange.

Goldie's Clary Sage Cleansing Grains combine astringent toning flowers with antioxidant nuts, soothing grains, and clarifying mineral clays to nourish and gently exfoliate, leaving your skin soft, balanced, and glowing. Combine a scoop of grains with warm water, scrub, and rinse. Combine with honey and water for a mask.

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