Sleep Mist

$ 24.00


Sleep Mist is a multi purpose toner, fragrance, linen, and room spray.  A unique blend of essential oils promotes calm, ease, and relaxation. An organic base of aloe, witch hazel, black willow bark extract, and jojoba oil refines, tones and refreshes skin.

Perks:  All Organic ~ Calming ~ Soothing ~ Toner 

 Application: Use as a linen spray, room spray, car refresher, or a facial and body refresher and toner. 

Fragrance: Camphor ~ Sage ~ Frankincense 

4oz spray

Ingredients: aloe, witch hazel, black willow bark extract, jojoba oil, essential oils of ho wood, frankincense, palo santo, sandalwood, and lavender. All organic. 

*Paraben free, colorant free, phthalate free, sulfate free, vegan, nut free




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