Rockaway Hotel Collection

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Designed for the Rockaway Hotel, our Bergamot Basil shampoo is a stimulating plant rich formula suitable for all hair types. A gentle blend of coconut derived cleansing agents and shea butter soften and refresh. Mineral rich kelp and aloe help hair to retain moisture. Extracts of chamomile, calendula, and comfrey soothe and reduce build up to nourish and promote shine. 

Perks: Cleansing ~ Sulfate Free ~ Herbal Extracts ~ Unisex 

Application: Apply to wet hair and work through scalp, rinse. Use any frequency desired. All hair types. 

Fragrance:  Citrus~ Balancing ~ Bright

12 oz refillable bottle

Our Geranium Vetiver Conditioner soothes and softens with plant oils and vitamins, leaving hair manageable, bright and cleansed. Floral waters provide a nourishing and refreshing rinse while wheat proteins boost shine with no extra weight. Fragranced with the warm herbal scents of geranium and vetiver. 

Perks: Shine ~ Enhance Natural Highlights ~ Scalp health ~ Herbal extracts ~ Unisex ~ 

Application: After wash, massage conditioner into hair from scalp to ends. Allow to rest as desired, rinse. 

Fragrance: Smokey ~ Bright ~ Warm

12 oz refillable bottle

Our Cabin Lime Tangerine shower gel is a skin nourishing blend of minerals, extracts, and oils in a base of coconut soap.  Sea Salt tones skin while acting as an additional cleanser. Shea oil is deeply moisturizing and rich in fatty acids. Aloe Vera works alongside comfrey and kelp to soothe skin. 

Perks: All skin types ~ Sulfate Free ~ Herbal Extracts ~ Unisex ~ Incredible Scent

Application: Use in shower or bath to wash all over. 

Fragrance:  Citrus ~ Lime ~ Musk

12 oz refillable bottle


Designed for the Rockaway Hotel, our Tea Tree Hand Soap delicately cleanses while adding moisture. A natural base of coconut oil soap with beautifying olive oil and jojoba are gentle with delicate skin. Soothing extracts of nettle and chamomile leave skin silky and refreshed. Scented with the fresh light fragrance of tea tree. 

Perks:  Antibacterial ~ Antimicrobial ~ Skin softening 

Application:  Lather and wash hands and body as often as desired.

Fragrance:  Fresh ~ Bright

12 oz refillable bottle 


 Designed for the Rockaway Hotel, our Ho wood Sage Lotion is a lightweight and fast absorbing body lotion. Made of a rich blend of plant oils, this lotion is conditioning yet non greasy. Full of skin softening nutrients, it can help to replenish and rejuvenate mature skin. White willow bark extract, witch hazel and rose flower water are refreshing and toning. Organic hemp seed oil (THC free) is an effective and fast absorbing moisturizer, rich in fatty acids. Scented with a balanced blend of calming ho wood and sage. 

Perks: Hemp seed ~ Botanical ~ Refillable bottle ~ Lightweight ~ Unisex

Application:  Use liberally all over as much as desired. Great for face and body.

Fragrance:  Herbaceous  ~ Clean  ~ Sage

12 oz refillable bottle

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