Love and Luxury Valentine's Gift Set August 28 2014

Happy Valentine's Day from All of us at Goldie's

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Also check out our Luxury kit, available now through Feb.14th. email me to specialize. 



Lavish your lady with love with our Luxury Gift Set. Our selection of handmade massage oil, perfume and lip care come in a beautiful re-useable indigo dyed pouch made in Brooklyn. 

Your kit includes.....

Relax Massage oil

Relax massage oil combines three soothing essential oils to facilitate emotional balance and relieve feelings of stress and anxiety. Geranium creates stability between oily and dry skin and has an equalizing effect on the hormone system. Palmarosa helps your body retain natural moisture in skin tissue and relieves inflammation and symptoms of dehydration by keeping skin soft and young. Relax oil loosens muscles and nerves, relieving anxiety, anger and nervousness. Lavender assists the body when fighting stress and imbalances to promote relaxation while boosting future stamina and energy.

Sweet Melissa Perfume:

sweet almond oil, jasmine, lemon balm, hyssop, grapefruit

and our classic favorite...


Basil Lip Tint:

Goldie's Basil Lip Tint is a luxurious natural lip stick tinted with alkanet root to add softness and sheen to your lips and enhance their natural tone.

$75 value @ A Valentine's discount of $54.00 (also comes with a 10% off coupon for her next purchase)